HIIT Fit Club, established 2017, in Columbus, Ohio.

The idea of HFC started when the owners realized there was a missing element and authenticity within the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) fitness community for the Northeast Columbus area. What was missing? A locally owned and operated HIIT fitness club focused on empowering club members' workouts while creating an embracing community feeling. The goal of HFC is to provide our community with a variety of intense and goal achieving workouts for people of all fitness levels and ages. With a combined 11 years of experience in the fitness industry, we are confident our team has the expertise and drive to meet our goals and most importantly the fitness goals of our Northeast Ohio community members! Who are we? Jesse and Theresa Cervantez, originally from Chicago, have a strong passion for the well being of their family, love for Northeast Columbus O.H.I.O. community they live in, and commitment to living a healthy and active lifestyle. Rob and Kristina Richardson have been fitness instructors in the Columbus area for a combined eleven years. Together they have experience in boxing, MMA, boot camps, personal training, and coaching children of all ages. Together with our passion, commitment, and knowledge of fitness along with the love for our community, we cannot wait to start this journey with you.

With sincere regards,

Jesse, Theresa, Kristina, Rob